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07 июл 2014

Price for Scores

How does HKMSDC rate scores?

According to MusicaNeo's policy, each multi-page score for sale should be offered for a fee at minimum US $1, but free for the single-page ones. HKMSDC devotes to offer you download of high-quality classical piano music scores with low price. Each score here costs less than US $3.00 and those donated by music lovers or enthusiastic publishers are offered for free.

Here are the three criterion for HKMSDC rate scores: pages, number of additional musical instrument parts and popularity of the music itself. The below table shows you the pricing methodology for scores.

Price Table

 Price by Page

Price (USD) 
  Single-page scores  Free
  Scores with 2 pages  1
  Scores with 3-10 pages  0.45/page
  Scores with 10 pages or more  0.3/page

 Additional Charges
  Every instrumental parts other than piano            0.15/part
 Weight of Division of Price for Popularity (For scores more than 4 pages)

Weight of division         
  Very popular  2.5
  Popular to Medium  2
  Medium to Less popular  1.5
  Least popular  1

And the price for multiple-paged scores will be calculated with the formula below:

[Total no. of page] X [Price by page] + [Charge for additional instrumental parts] / [Weight for popularity] = Price of the score



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